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Difference Between the Mica and Laminate

Did you think that, HPL (High Pressure Laminate), Mica and Laminate are three different wood products? Well, most of those who are not from the wood industry will consider HPL, Mica and Laminate as totally different products. However, traditionally speaking, HPL, Mica and Laminate happen to be one and the same product, but uttered interchangeably and used by different set of groups in India.

Next, is Sunmica, which is the same as the Mica? Here again, the confusion exists and continues to persist. Sunmica is essentially the brand of laminates, which became very popular in the Indian subcontinent. Formerly IT belonged to The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited, however, quite later down the timeline, it was ultimately taken over by AICA Laminates India Pvt Ltd. Sunmica become renowned brand, that the term ‘Sunmica’ began to be used and referred to the laminates, although in the general,  regardless of the company manufacturing the  laminates.

In short, Sunmica, Mica and Laminates are on the same platter and these have been used extensively in the Indian household and corporate world to decorate the interiors.

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