Action Tesa

Action-tesaAction TESA is high quality and exclusive range of panel boards, manufactured by Action Group, which is the established conglomerate. The renowned conglomerate is niche place to look around for Action TESA MDF, Action TESA Particle Board, Pre Laminated MDF, Pre Laminated Particle Board, Embossed MDF and HDF Panel, UV Product (High Gloss Panel), Printed Decor MDF Panel and many more.

Medium & High Density Fiber Board also well known as MDF or HDF is considered to be the ideal alternative of Natural Wood. This wood product can be easily routed, carved & formed in any form. The MDF  hasplayed significant role in transforming the decors of home and office and make it a happening place. Action TESA MDF is rightly the wood close to Natural Wood. The Pre Laminated and embossed MDF is made by impregnating the decorative melamine paper. The paper comes in different types of cool looking textures like Glossy, Mat & Suede.

The embossed MDF panels give a stark and life like art embossed on the surface and the best part is that it can be custom cut in different proportions and dimensions. These specialized embossed MDF panels are non-distorted, impact resistant and high reliability. At ATC, we are also the reliable store for embossed MDF panels, melamine or veneer embossed MDF panels and 3D embossed MDF panels for interior wall decorations.

The Particle Board and the Pre Laminated Particle Board come in One Side Laminated (OSL) as well as bothsides Laminated (BSL) variants. These special boards have the availability in both Grade 2 (Interior Grade) & the Grade 1 (Exterior Grade). The embossed HDF Panel is available in Dual Tone with Antique Effect / DUCO Finish / PU Finish and applied to Wall / Ceiling Cladding, Shutter Cladding & Furniture Embellishments.

The UV Product (High Gloss Panel) is attractive and has appealing visual effect. The panel has an ultra violet coating provided in acrylic based decorative lacquer. The panel is coated with UV paint to give a polished and pretty cool shiny coat.The Printed Decor MDF Panel is one of the best products based on Action TESA.

High gloss panels are exquisite finishes used in the kitchen and bathroom construction. It brings the concept of European design into life on the one hand, while on the other blends the traditional outlook. In the recent years, the high gloss panels have become popular finish, and are there to stay for longtime. Ask us the dimensions, technical sheets, lead times, cleaning and care instructions, samples of high gloss panels. Our superior high gloss panels create truly appealing effect.

ARORA Timber Corporation is authorized Dealer to look for Action TESA MDF, Action TESA Particle Board and many more. We ensure transparency in all our deals.

ARORA Timber Corporation offers exclusive range and high quality of Plywood and veneers respectively.  If you are specifically looking for the Action TESA MDF, and Action TESA Particle Board, check for the latest prices. Get in touch with our Front Desk Office and let us know your requirements.