Blue Ply

blueBlue Plywood is the name of high quality and unique Plywood approved by the reputed Architects for the various projects.  The Plywood Laminates and Veneers available with Blue Ply are value for your money, as these are durable, and constructed using the advanced processing methods. Blue Ply brings the best and classic plywood and laminate that can make great difference to the interiors of your home as well as office. Blue Ply has the innate passion for excellent laminates, veneers and plywood and all of it ultimately makes the class difference in the home and office decors.

BLUE Marine grade Plywood is manufactured in Gandhidham Gujarat from selected hardwood veneers and is bonded with unmixed Phenol Formaldehyde Resin at dreadfully high temperature and pressure. It is further treated in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant, using specified quality of preservative to render it resistant to oceanic (marine) organisms. It can survive rigorous climatic conditions, alternate dry and wet climate in deep sea.

Both the Cross core and Panel core of BLUE Marine grade Plywood are made from 100% Gurjan / Keuring timber and it can survive salty winds, rough seas and high humidity as of high dimensional solidity and being all weather proof.

Strong hardwood veneers, additional thickness are bonded with un-extended Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. It is chemically treated with permanent preservatives through vacuum pressure impregnation and adheres to IS 710-1976. It is completely resistant to termites, fungus, oceanic (marine) borers and other wood destroying organisms.

Calibrated plywood has uniform thickness all across which is achieved by calibrating it in modern high end imported machines. Uniform thickness all around the ply makes it ideal panel product for use by mechanized automated furniture manufacturers who are growing by the day. Has absolutely smooth surface so an excellent item for post lamination and post forming for making furniture, insert and modular item. The surface of the ply becomes smoother and more even. This enables uniform spreading of the glue thereby ensuring good bonding.

The Blue Laminates manufacture the high quality, refined and decorative laminates that can be used for different purposes. The laminates produced by Blue Ply are available in the international designs.
The Blue offers Natural,Exotic, sap and customized design veneers to the customer. The veneers adhere to the international quality norms in every way. These have natural texture and appearance and when gelled with cool looking textures, the visual feel is just terrific one.

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