client-logo2Durian is amongst the front runners when it comes to plywood, veneers, wood doors and laminates. The company has evolved itself in the field of home and office furnishings, besides expanding the business horizons to diversified industries.  At Durian, working diligently and showing par excellence comes naturally.  Striving for excellence is an attitude at Durian.   The best thing to note about Durian plywood, Durian laminates, Durian veneers, and Durian doors are that they are stylish, innovative and above all have terrific sheen making the interiors look dashing and scintillating.

The prominent Durian Veneers are fumed, dyed and D’ziner veneers. The veneers are designed by integrating superior and technically sound processes. The veneers are renowned not only in the domestic market but also in the international markets. The veneers from Durian have natural sheen.

Durian laminates are of superior and refined quality and immensely decorative too. Laminate lovers can also opt for digital printed and screen printed laminates. All laminates are provided with Borer, Fungus and Termite (BFT) guard to give an environmental protection.The laminate options are designed in way to lend sophistication and creative par excellence. Durian Doors are excellent and designed to perfection. The doors are durable and advanced technology is used to create world class doors. The unique door range from durian comprises Flush doors, molded panel doors, PVC Molded panel doors besides the carved doors skins.

The plywood from Durian is world class and constructed using the advanced technology. The plywood is used for home and office production.

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