Wooden Mouldings

Wooden mouldings are wooden mouldingsunique carvings designed on wood. These carvings are categorized in different shapes and styles and themes. The purpose behind wooden mouldings is to increase the sensibility as well as enhance the style of interior decors.

ARORA Timber Corporation offers superior quality wooden mouldings such as the   Acanthus carvings, Gothic carvings, Greek Carvings, Roman carvings and many more. We are eager to serve your decorative wooden mouldings and interior decor needs and give meaning to the interiors. We value the customers feedback. We also value the feedback from contactors as this helps in building the trust and engage in better relationship. Our exclusive wood mouldings products are excellent, not only in design but quality as well. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help the customers at any point of time. At ARORA Timber Corporation, we have thorough industrial knowledge and have wide distribution network. The wooden mouldings for furniture are aesthetically designed to meet individual décor needs.

We have skilled manpower that can create custom designed wooden carvings. These carvings are innovative, sophisticated and all the more stylish. At ARORA Timber Corporation, we believe in excellence and quality and above all creativity. Wooden mouldings which are not innovative and creative will not add the enhancement to the wood structures. We create wood carvings based on customer specifications. It is what brings differentiation in our work.

ARORA Timber Corporation offers high quality and standard and custom designed wooden decorative moulding for residential and commercial purposes. The mouldings are machine made and give a classic touch to the home and office décor. For more information on quality wooden mouldings, get in touch with us at:

Our front office will be ready to hear about your specific requirements and give you the best options. You can also look through our online inventory and book your order now!