Who we are

ARORA TIMBER CORPORATION is a premium and professionally managed timber suppliers in Delhi, engaged in offering the best quality timber, plywood and wood products to the local and regional centers in Delhi as well as across India. At ARORA TIMBER CORPORATION, we take the pride to work and continuously evolve our supply chain management and organization, making it efficient and relatively structured. In this manner, we will always be ready to address all types of big and small requirements from corporate and household customers.

Arora Timber Corporation Management Team

  • Gopal Krishan Arora – CEO & President- He is the founder and president of ARORA TIMBER CORPORATION. It was his professional acumen and experience in diversified fields that provided the podium for a flamboyant lift and led to establishment of ATC. The staff and management continue to seek guidance under his able leadership.
  • Deepak Arora – Director of Sales – Mr. Deepak is a multi faceted entrepreneur who keeps an argus-eye on the regional, national and international lumber and timber markets. Besides, he keeps a vigilant look on the sales and marketing of wood in the new markets. He is the pulse behind ARORA TIMBER CORPORATION.
  • Jitender Arora – Director– Enduring his professional interest in the real estate market of India, he is an ambitious entrepreneur and the living soul behind growth and development of ARORA TIMBER CORPORATION. He has made the efforts to give new dimensions to ARORA TIMBER CORPORATION.