What We Do

We have specialized and highly mechanized unit that will custom cut timber and logs according to the demand. Our structured supply chain mechanism allows safe and timely delivery of order.At ATC, we implement stringent quality control procedures at all levels of supply and demand. This is what eventually lends us innate professionalism and we are proud to call ourselves complete professionals.

We are engaged in the high grade and superb quality Plywood Supplies, besides the stockist of Burma Teak Logs, Customized sizes of Burma Teaks,red marantee Flush Doors and several ranges of plywood brands.

Beyond this ATC also deals in various types of timber imported from different countries like American Ash, European Oaks, Beech wood, Hard Maple, Walnut, Wenge, Rosewood, Burma
teak, Malaysian saal, Pine, spruce, merandi and also in INDIAN timbers like Nagpur teak , Assam teak etc.

ATC offers exclusive range of Natural and Recon Veneers. We at ATC believe in presenting veneers in its natural form with all the variations that nature offers. Thus we promote bold concepts in veneer panels such as custom design, Exotic, Rough-cut, Cracks, mix and match, sawn- cut veneers.

At ATC, we’ve always strived to bring something ‘new’ to our consumers, thereby, creating a Lifestyle Statement. That is why ATC always presents new designs in decorative laminates with various surfaces and textures like Rough-wood, Hi-gloss and MR+ and even in digital custom design laminates.

In panel products ATC offers PLYWOOD, MDF, PARTICAL Boards in interior and exterior grades with
pre-laminated, veneered, Hi-Gloss and commercial faces to its precious customers.

At ARORA TIMBER CORPORATION, we give top priority to the demands of our customers and work religiously hard to meet those demands at all forefronts.We offer dedicated customer service to our customers and strive to provide high quality timber and wood products at affordable prices. As premium door suppliers and plywood suppliers, ATC offer quality and superior range of wood products. We show efficiency at work, and this eventually makes us stand different from the crowd.