Century Ply

client-logo1Century Ply is a premier wood processing and plywood manufacturing company providing innovative products under the name century plywood, century laminates, century veneers, century doors and many more. The company emerged as leading sellers of plywood and quality decorative veneers, which are of international standards and exclusive in range. Century Ply works diligently to produce exclusive range of wood products and the quality is maintained at par with international standards. Century Ply is known not only for its durability, but also for its sheen and unique sheen. The company designs conceptual wood products that hold practical essence in the office and home set ups.

The century plywood is boiling water resistant and classic plywood that has been constructed keeping in view the individual requirements of residents and office owners. The plywood uses specially formulated GLP (Glue Line Protection).  The premium quality plywood from Century Ply includes, Architectply, Marine Plywood, Concrete Shuttering and Film Coated Plywood, BWP Flush Doors and Block Board, MR Grade Plywood and Block Board, Flexoply BWP Grade, Firesafe and Laminated Plywood.

The Century laminates show extremely superior resistivity and enormous shielding power. The laminates are protected against micro scratching and any type of abrasion. The laminates exhibit amazing fastness in the colors and patterns.

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