Merino is a premier international class wood company offering the best quality Merino Plywood, Merino Laminates, and several other products. The High Pressure Laminates are manufactured from decorative papers and absorbent kraft paper fraught with exceptionally high quality melamine and phenolic resins. The laminates from Merino are innovative in design and quite latest. The laminates are also available in various economic utilizations and there are at least 32 finishes that one can choose from.  Merino laminates are available in 1550 mm X 3660 mm, 1830 mm X 4300 mm and 1830 mm X 3660 respectively. Merino Decorative Interior Grade Laminates are great fit for home furniture items, wall linings, column claddings, doors, shelves, table tops, work-tops, counters, vanity units, cubicles, lift linings, store fittings, and many more.

The Merino Plywood is manufactured from the high quality hardwood timbers. Several methods of treatment are used in making superior and durable plywood. You can create your dream home with the entire range of wood solutions from Merino. Whether it is Laminates or Plywood, you will get the best at the Merino and that too at affordable prices. Merino also brings an exclusive class of wood grain as well as stone finishes too.  The finishes make the interiors look awesome.

Merino is a dealer of Hanex, and the Merino – Hanex makes the difference to the home and office décor with its 100% Acrylic Solid Surfaces Solid Surfaces are 100% Acrylic Solid Surfaces. The unique solid surfaces are classic example of timelessness and exquisite beauty.  Merino – Hanex is also the pioneer in developing innovative DBCU (Double Belt Casting Unit) for creating world class products.

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