Tips for Choosing Timber Flooring for Home/Office (Wood Flooring)

Differentiation between Laminate Wooden Flooring & Solid Wooden Flooring

People are often confused between the laminate wood floors and the solid wood floors. The fact is that there is fine line of difference between these two types of flooring, and the choice of using either of these will depend on user itself. The laminate wood flooring has a fine layered construction and this for the durability purpose. This flooring comes in variety of motifs, patterns and textures, simply captivating the looks.  Some of the prominent examples of laminate woods include Saw Mark, Afzelia, Aged Cherry, American Apple, Antique Oak, Autumn Mahogany, Barrel Oak, Brazilian Zatoba, Canyon Slate, and Caramel Birch etcetera.

Solid wooden flooring on the other hand is a natural wooden material and gives an effect of timelessness.  The solid wooden flooring is solid and durable and designed from different types of selective timbers. The floors are made using the planks custom cut from single timber piece. The solid wooden flooring has thicker wearing surface, and can therefore be sanded and wear several number of times to give a finishing touch. Oak, TropicalAcacia, Walnut Acacia, etc. are some of the woods used in solid hardwood flooring.

Benefits of Laminate Wooden Flooring

  • You get flooring within the budget
  • The sheen of laminated wooden floors is at par with the solid wooden floors
  • Fast and Easy to Install as No Adhesives or Nails are used
  • Flooring can be used in the moisture-prone basements as well as bathrooms
  • Smooth and Great Shining Texture

 Benefits of Solid Wooden Flooring

  • Hardwood flooring lasts for centuries
  • Very high durability  and immense sheen
  • Solid Wooden flooring is more natural and hygienic too
  • Solid wood floors are value for money and life

What choice do you wish to make? Is it Laminate wooden flooring or solid wooden flooring?