Which Wood We Can Use in Exterior?

Thermo-treated wood is the best form of wood that is used in exterior, and there are several reasons too. Hardwoods such as the Oak, IPE, Marbou and many more, are thermo treated before these could be used in the exteriors. The ultra modern thermo-treatment method is a process of heating the wood to the temperatures of roughly 410-450° F in special heat chambers that have been made from the stainless steel. The heat treatment is done under anoxic conditions. The purpose behind using anoxic conditions as the wood combustion starts at temperature of over 300° F, and the reaction inside the wood will begin in temperatures somewhere 380° F and 400° F respectively.

The heat treatment process would just require plain heating and no pre or post chemical treatment is required. The thermal treatment of wood is environmental friendly as well as it is wood friendly. The longevity of thermo treated wood can be enhanced if you apply the coating on it. Studies show that it takes approximately 21 days to develop the crack in an uncoated wood. Coating also protects the wood from the harsh weather conditions.  There is a special purpose water-based primer with two coats applied on wood. The primer is resistant to harmful UV rays. Besides the application of coatings, for enhancing the longevity of wood, it is good idea to use many oflow VOC-penetrating products.

Quality of Thermo Treated Wood

  • Thermo quality wood is resistant to biological decay. The frequency of biological resistance increases by as high as 20 to 25 times more than the non thermo treated wood.
  • Less retention of moisture at the molecular levels
  • Very high dimension stability of thermo treated wood

With all these things in your mind, you now have the sound reason to use the thermo treated wood for all your exteriors. It is all about giving exuberance and style and of course high end durability.