Timber, also known as Lumber is the raw wood material that is custom designed and machine cut into dimensional boards according to their width, thickness, and length. Timber is predominantly used for the purpose of structural construction, and several other needs. Timber is either supplied as the finished product, or as raw product. The raw timber product is used for the construction of durable furniture. Cutting and shaping of timber wood requires great forbearance and care, failing which there will be erratic cutting line.

ATC offers high quality and a range of exotic and imported timber for residential and commercial purposes according to utility. The Timber offered by us is of premium grade and refined and gives a classified touch to the home and office décor.

Timber comes in the form of logs, sleeper, cut size and also in the customized sizes given by the customers according to their utility of usage. Various kind timbers are imported from the different countries lred marandiike hardwoods:

  • Red marandi
  • Yellow marandi
  • Saal wood
  • Champ wood
  • IPE
  • Merbau or kwila
  • Ghana teak wenge wood
  • Ivory coast teak
  • Wenge wood
  • Mahogany
  • sapeli

and other hardwoods from Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa and brazil etc.

Hardwood timbers are ideal for high strength structural applications, such as bearers, joists, lintels and roof beams. The natural durability of most hardwoods also makes them perfect for external applications, such as decking and cladding, and for interior flooring and stairs, door framing, panel doors and window framing. Hardwood timbers are also highly recyclable due to their long above-ground life, with some of Australia’s indigenous hardwood species, such as jarrah, blackwood and red gum, much prized for recycled flooring, panelling, furniture and landscaping.

On the other hand soft woods like:

  • White cypress
  • Whitewood
  • Knotty pine wood
  • Douglas fir

Are imported from Newzealand, Australia, Canada etc.

Softwood timbers and engineered wood products provide specifiers and builders with products that are structurally strong, lightweight, easily transported and worked on-site. Softwood timbers, such as those from white cypress or Douglas fir, can have higher durability and strength ratings than many hardwoods. Common uses for softwood timbers include structural framing, cladding and panelling, benchtops, flooring, decking, joinery, beams and poles. Plywood, LVL, MDF and other products that utilise softwoods are popular in shop-fittings, furniture and cabinetry, for their appearance, thermal and acoustic properties as much as for their durability.

Teak wood like:teak wood

  • Burma teak
  • Nagpur teak

Are the most expensive and valuable timbers of Burma and India which are most hardest strongest and durable from all the natural timber. They both are oil based wood the oil content protect the wood against the rigours of winter weather and summer sunshine.

Some other decorative wood or decorative timber like:-

Beech woodbeech wood

  • Steam beech
  • White beech


Oak wood

  • White oakOak wood
  • Red oak
  • Cherry
  • Rose wood
  • Ash wood
  • Walnut
  • Wenge

Are the origin from American and European countries. These are mainly used for interior as well as exterior decoration.

Many of the timber species are available either as hardwood and soft wood. The softwood species are available as red pine and white pine and quite in demand owing to its low costing. Finished timber wood is available in the market and used in construction industry at an enormous rate.

The high grade timber is specifically used in the flooring, whereas softwood varieties such as those from coniferous species like pine, fir and spruce (collectively known as Spruce-pine-fir) used in doors and windows construction, besides other practical constructions.

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