Sonear Ply

sonearSonear is the leading plywood and laminate manufacturing company of India known for its craftsmanship as well as quality. The company offers super quality plywood and high grade timer wood that has absolutely no wood destroying organisms in it. Sonear plywood and veneers undergo special type of chemical treatment helps in protecting the wood from pests and the borer. Sonear plywood, Sonear laminate and Sonear Veneers strictly adhere to the B.I.S. Standards. The wood products are completely weather proof and are therefore reliable for exterior and interior use.

Sonear Plywood has good qualitydensity; besides a 0.6mm thick decorative face brings stiffness and ultimately makes it ideal for the nail applications. With appropriate thickness, there is absolutely no concern of breaking or cracking. The plywood is made from Gurjan hardwood and comes with life time warranty. The best thing to note about plywood is that it has extended longevity, shows continued performance and resistant to fungus and termite attack.

The exclusive Sonear Laminates include wood grains, solid colors, fancy and textures. The laminates are stain free, abrasion proof, fire resistant and have the quality of being an electrostat retardant. The entire production process of laminates is environment friendly and therefore no ecological imbalance is created. The prominent Sonear Veneers include African mahogany, African Teak, American Cherry, Ash Dyed Black Ash Dyed Black, Bacote, Daniela, Ebony, LouroPreto, Rosewood, Royale Teak, Santos Palissandre, Sapeli, Sucupira Crotch and many more.

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