ATC offers exclusive range of Natural and Recon Veneers. We at ATC believe in presenting veneers
in its natural form with all the variations that nature offers. Thus we promote bold concepts in
veneer panels such as custom design, Exotic, Rough-cut, Cracks, mix and match, sawn- cut

Different kind of veneers:

  • Reconstituted Veneers
  • Natural Veneers
  • Texture Veneers
Exotic Veneers
exotic veneers
Texture Veneers
texture veneers
Custom Design
ctstome design veneers
Flitch Veneersflitch veneers Sap Veneerssap veneer And many more.veneers

Sizes 2440×1220 and 3050×1220

Thickness : 3mm and 4 mm.

In world of wood working, veneers are basically thin wood slices that are as thin as the 3 mm (1/8 inch) and glued in core panels, which are usually particle boards or MDF or Hardwood. Veneers are constructed in the manner that it will work great for creating the flat panels for doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors. It is also used in different parts of furniture. Decorative veneers also find the use in parquetry. Plywood also comprises 3 or more than 3 layers of veneer and these layers are tightly held against each other in glue. The attractive Veneer beading is a thin layer with the grains placed at 90 Degrees to the adjacent layer for adding strength. In many cases, Veneer, a kind of manufactured board that is also used for replacing decorative papers as Wood Veneer HPL.

A good quality veneer is the result of several degrees of processes. Veneer is taken out by peeling the tree trunk, or alternatively slicing the flitches. In actuality, the flitches are large rectangular wooden blocks. Wooden veneers make all the difference and add value to the wooden structures.

At ARORA Timber Corporation, we provide superior range of veneer wood sheets as well as decorative veneers that are worth value for every rupee spent. We have exclusive range of wooden veneers in different varnishes and styles.

ARORA Timber Corporation offers high quality and standard and custom designed shiny wooden veneers for residential and commercial purposes. The sophisticatedly designed veneers bring classic touch to the home and office décor. For more information on quality wooden veneers, get in touch with us at: