Duro Ply

duroDuro Plywood is the best quality and top graded hardwood that has been designed to give significant indoor variation in the home as well as the office interiors. The plywood shows exemplary durability and has long-lasting appeal.  Duro Plywood can withstand just any temperature and weather conditions and this ultimately makes it ideal for exterior use too. The plywood conforms to international quality standards and upscale quality.  Stringent methodologies are put into practice in the manufacturing of Duro Plywood and which is the reason for its demand in industrial sector, commercial sector as well as residential sector too.

DuroNature’Signature is a superior quality Architectural, A++ grade ornamental veneers that have been imported from Europe, Africa & America on the order and later on hard-pressed on hardwood plywood. The top notch veneers come with Duro Guarantee, besides international guarantee. DuroNature’Signature style veneers have an integrated and smart looking back face and comes with the warp proof construction.  DuroNature’Signature veneers are unique in the sense that only these have been certified by the world standard wood quality marks from premier companies viz-a-viz Vero Legno, Italy, Holz, Germany and American Hardwoods, USA. We are also authentic dealers of Duro Veneers, and you can rely on our Duro veneer solutions. We will make you proud with superior quality Duro products.

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