Green Ply

client-logoGreenply Industries Limited (GIL) is amongst the biggest interior furnishings infrastructure company manufacturing green plywood, green laminates, decorative green veneers, and green panelmax, apart from different types of particle boards. Greenply offers the most comprehensive and exclusive range of commercial as well as residential wall and floor products. The state of art manufacturing facility center of Greenply engages innovative practices in laminate, plywood and veneers production.

The high quality green laminates from Greenply comprises reenlam Laminates, GREENLAM Compact Laminates,GreenlamXtraordinaire (Super Premium collection), GREENLAM Post Forming Laminates, Green Switch Board Panel, Anti-Bacterial Laminates, Chalk & Marker Grade Laminates, Green Decoliner 0.7mm, GREENLAM Fire Retardant Laminate etc.

Further, the category of greenply plywood includes BWR/MR, Flexi Ply, Marine, Structural, Fire Retardant, Film Faced Shuttering        and Concrete Shuttering. The plywood from Greenply is of excellent variety and made from the refined A + graded timber. A 5-stage manufacturing process is undertaken with the reason to make it termite-proof as well as borer resistant.

The outstanding veneer from Greenply comprises Green Deco Woods, Walnut, Rosewood, Mahogany, Ebony and many more.Green Spectrumwood Veneers come in more than 80 designs in popular wood as classified in Classic, Linearz, Pacific and Wilderness design categories.The Green Naturals designs include Crescent, Cosmo, Royale, Reverso and the Black Forest Veneers. These veneers have unique appeal and terrific feel. Many veneers also show natural marks too.

Green Doors are the finished wood doors from the house of GreenPly. The doors are artistic, custom designed and all the more look great and fabulous. The doors are superior in finish and these give a totally uncompromising touch. Green Doors from GreenPly are a value addendum and give a distinguished appeal altogether.

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