Mikasa Floors

client-logo1Mikasa Floors is one of the top-notch company offering state-of-the-art real wood floor products. Mikasa Floors, a division of Lifetime Brands, Inc. With a huge variety of designs and types of floors, the company is known to deliver durable and aesthetic floors to give your floors a natural look.

Everything is changing with time; such is the case with flooring too. Gone are the days when people used to adopt traditional ways of flooring. Now, time has come to go eco-friendly and fashionable. When it comes to flooring options now, people have started preferring wooden floors for the multiple benefits these have to offer. Today, when people do not have much time and they want everything perfect without making much efforts, wooden flooring seems a viable choice.sepecially build to last, wooden floors are not only environment friendly but they also add convenience and beauty to the life of home and office.

Giving an aesthetic and stunning look to your place, wooden floors are easy to install. These floors are made with rich wooden material to make it stay long. A beautiful wooden floor is your perfect investment when you create or renovate your office or home. Beautiful looking floor is what gets first encounter with a person coming to your place. It leaves a great impression when you have a real wood floor.

Available in a vast variety of designs, colors and textures, real wood floors helps you give your floors a natural yet aesthetic look. You do not have to worry about the breakage of tiles; cleanliness, hygiene and durability with these real wood floors which help you maintain a clean and beautiful look of floors in your office or home!

Arora Timber Corporation is a trade partner of Mikasa Floors and directly deals with its products. If you want to install Mikasa Floors, you can contact us as we are an authorized dealer of the same.
Do not get delayed! Feel free to tell us your requirements! We have customized flooring options for you!