Green Floor Max

client-logo1Green FloorMax is a leading name in the infrastructure industry offering best and exclusive range of flooring alternatives. Green FloorMax, a division of Greenply Industries Limited. Having a great reputation, the company offers a wide variety of green or wooden floor products to add value to your home. Today when we want everything in our life eco-friendly, why not green floors should become part of our lives? Offering a wide variety of benefits, green floors or wooden floors have become the first choice of most of the people these days. Traditional floors have various disadvantages, but green floors have multiple advantages.

When it comes to build or renovate your home or office then never forget that these are your assets and you should not compromise with quality of anything while making it or renovating it. Now you do not have to compromise with fashion and comfort when you are going to make a choice of materials for floors as green floor max is what has come to offer you best flooring options that you would not like to leave.

Install stylish yet eco-friendly floors in your office or home and feel the difference! Available in various designs, colors and textures, green floor installation gives aesthetic and clean look to the interior of your place. These floors are scratch-resistant and easy to install. You can easily clear off stains and water spills from these floors. The benefits that green floor max have to offer you include its technical fineness, scratch-resistance, sonic sponginess, use of hardwood, easily installable, removable, and easy to maintain. The best thing about these floors is that they are installed without using any glue.
Arora Timber Corporation is the trade partner of Green Floor Max, therefore, an authorized dealer of all the products of Green Floor Max. Our aim is to meet the demands of our clients in the best manner possible.

So, add value to your home or office by simply installing green floors which are fascinating and appealing. Do not get delayed! Contact us today to discuss your requirements with us!